Jaguar Land Rover reveals new noise cancelling tech

New noise cancelling technology is designed to remove unwanted road and tyre sound from the cabin.

To be introduced into the new Jaguar F-Pace, Jaguar XF sedan and Range Rover Velar, the noise cancelling technology can lower unwanted noise peaks by 10dB and overall noise levels by 3-4dB.

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed new noise cancellation technology that removes unwanted road and tyre sounds from the cabin and provides a quieter and more refined experience for drivers and passengers.


The technology is capable of lowering unwanted noise peaks by 10dB and overall noise levels by 3- 4dB – the equivalent of turning down the in-car sound system by four ‘steps’.


Jaguar Land Rover states that this significant reduction in exposure to low-frequency noises can help prevent driver fatigue on longer journeys, meaning the driver’s ability to react to hazards or unexpected events could be improved.


Active Road Noise Cancellation uses sensors on each wheel to constantly monitor the vibrations from the road surface and calculates the opposite phase sound wave needed to remove the noise heard by the occupants.


By monitoring in real-time, unexpected noises from potholes or rough surfaces can be isolated and removed. The cancellation sound is played through the vehicle’s Meridian sound system, with the vehicle monitoring cabin occupancy to optimise Active Road Noise Cancellation performance for all drivers and passengers. The technology offers a no-compromise solution to balancing refinement, vehicle weight and driving dynamics for a complete premium feel.

Active Road Noise Cancellation combines with Engine Noise Cancellation on the new Jaguar F-Pace and new Range Rover Velar with the P400e plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain to further enhance the sense of wellbeing.


Jaguar Land Rover says its pioneering system will allow the PHEV variant to be refined for lower CO2 emissions and efficiency with no impact on driver experience.


“We are committed to creating a haven for our customers and this new technology allows us to remove unwanted noises from the cabin,” says Iain Suffield, Jaguar Land Rover Refinement Advanced Technologies Specialist.


“It makes the experience more tranquil, improving passenger wellbeing and helping to reduce cognitive load and thus reaction times.”


Steve Kenchington, General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover New Zealand says he is looking forward to introducing the new technology to New Zealand roads when the next generation Jaguar F-Pace, new Jaguar XF and Range Rover Velar arrive.

“In a pursuit for safer roads and fewer accidents, the Jaguar Land Rover engineers are delivering significant advancements in vehicle safety technology,” he says.


“The noise cancelling technology is an impressive and innovative approach to battling driver fatigue – a serious and harmful problem many Kiwi drivers overlook.”


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