The Jaguar I-PACE Challenge

Watch Greg Murphy and Otis Frizzell as they take on the Jaguar Art of Performance challenge.


Where artistic creation and driver precision collide. A Jaguar New Zealand I-PACE challenge.

To demonstrate the Art of Performance, Jaguar NZ asked one of New Zealand’s most well-known contemporary artists and one of New Zealand’s greatest ever racing drivers to collaborate, using the Jaguar I-PACE as their paint brush.

Challenged with creating a 300 square metre live artistic installation, artist Otis Frizzell sketched out a 120m x 60m abstract art piece with a resemblance to the Jaguar leaper, for Bathurst winner Greg Murphy to then race along his sketches in the Jaguar I-PACE. To provide the perfect memento to this challenge, the drive was all captured by long-lens photography to produce a piece of art available specially for our Jaguar customers upon new vehicle purchase.

Watch how it all unfolded behind the scenes below. 

“Out of all of the creative projects I’ve been involved in, this one has to be the craziest,” admits Otis Frizzell. “It was pretty touch and go as to whether this would even work. We were attempting something on a massive scale, but thankfully the performance of both Greg and the individual photographers meant the experiment was a success.”

Greg Murphy completed the task in the Jaguar I-PACE, an all-electric performance SUV with superior precision and road-handling features, to navigate the tricky sketch from Otis.

“I like to think I’m a pretty good driver,” said Greg Murphy. “But this still took me hours of driving across two nights to get right. Otis had a vision of the way the car needed to move and was shouting in my ear pretty much non-stop about when to turn and when to brake.”

“I was essentially flying blind around a dark carpark in Mount Smart, putting all of my faith into the vehicle and Otis’s vision. I’m proud of the results, I can’t quite believe we managed to create it.”

Meet the team behind the challenge